Green Letter S Monogram

This is another vintage piece, pulled out of the archives! I made this Green Letter S Monogram for my sister-in-law for Christmas way back in 2014.

Green Letter S Monogram


This Green Letter S Monogram is mounted on a 5″ x 7″ white cardstock background. I used 1/4″ paper for the outline and 1/8″ paper for the fill. The techniques are all pretty standard: closed coils, c-coils, a few tight coils, and some edgework.


At the time I was really impressed that I made this, and almost want to go back and remake all the monograms I made that year. I imagine that Dan’s family all felt like they were receiving gifts made by a kindergartener, LOL. Oh well. We try things out and we learn and improve. This was where I started and I can appreciate it for what it was at the time. I am grateful to have found such an amazing artform and the talent to do justice to it.

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