Help Me Get My Custom YouTube URL

Please help me get 90 more subscribers so I can request my custom Youtube URL. Click the link below and “subscribe” to get notifications when I post new videos.

Help Me Get My Custom YouTube URL
Help Me Get My Custom YouTube URL

My goal for 2020 is to create a lot of videos! I think there is a lack of quilling content on the internet in general, and Youtube is no exception. I’ve been doing a weekly quill-a-long LIVE on Facebook, and that is just the start.

I’m in the process of revamping all my old videos and making new ones. I’m only limited to the intensely slow upload speed that my crappy DSL provides.

I have around 20 videos currently, and will be attempting to upload a new one every night or every other night.

If you have suggestions on video content that you would like to see me create – let me know in the comments section or by sending me a message via my Contact Form.

See something on my site that you like? I am currently accepting commissions. Contact me for details. Or, if you’d prefer browsing my already-created, ready-to-ship artwork, head on over to my Etsy shop and see what’s on the shelves.

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