I Finally Tried Pouring Acrylic

I’ve been stalking the Fluid Art pages and channels for several years now. I dabbled in Alcohol Inks a while back, but always wanted to try acrylic. This weekend, after getting off my duff, I finally tried pouring acrylic for the first time!

Needless to say, I’m totally and hopelessly hooked. You’ll probably see a new section spring up on my website to house that artwork separate from my paper art.

I have a big order coming in today from Michael’s and I’m chomping at the bit to make a mess this weekend. The problem is that we are on vacation and will staying at a lakeside cottage all next week so – UGH!!! – how am I gonna get my pour on?

The answer is tonight. Yes. Tonight. There will be an unholy mess in my living room (ask me why I don’t use my studio for this). I’m going to attempt a new pour and I cannot wait.

Anyways, I have photographs of my three first (and favorite by lack of comparison). The blue one is 6″ x 6″ and the other two are 8″ x 8″. I haven’t varnished them yet as I guess you need to dry them for 2-3 weeks first. I also have a red and yellow one, but I haven’t photographed it.

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