Paper Quilled Blue Lobster

This is a Paper Quilled Blue Lobster I made in 2015. The practice I had making the red lobster a few months earlier allowed me to really tweak the proportions and techniques I used for this one. As you can see, he is a much improved version of the original, and even has tentacles this time.


I found an example lobster on the internet. I don’t advocate for this nowadays, but back during the beginning of my quilling adventure, I had no idea what not to do and just wanted to make pretty things.

He was created using 1/4″ standard quilling strips that were crimped before coiling and shaping. The primary technique (outside the crimping) was making teardrop shaped coils in the appropriate sizes. For the knuckle pieces on the front claws and part of the carapace I did make “U” shaped pieces. These are done by taking a closed coil and pressing your quilling tool against it while shaping the sides up around. Hard to describe with words!

The small legs were basically just loose coils with one rounded end and glued off to a point on the other end. I pinched the centers of these with tweezers while the glue was drying to give them that “peanut” shape.

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