Paper Quilled Blue Mandala

I made this paper quilled blue mandala during my epic quilling spring in 2017. I started that year off with a bang and the momentum of each extreme piece propelled me forward to the next. Looking back on it now, I cannot fathom how I produced as much artwork as I did, at least as far as quality goes. It wasn’t like I was banging out rainbow spirals.

Pieces like this Blue Mandala took me in excess of forty hours each to make and during that year I made a TON of pieces like it. And I was working a regular day job to boot. Wow! Where did that woman go?

Well, the reality is that I get a natural “high” off completing these major works of art and that manic energy just creates more and more. It’s a snowball effect.

After taking a two-year break, I have begun quilling again and am feeling that familiar rush and propulsion. I’ve had to temper it this time around because my life is very different now than it was. Mainly because I have a Coonhound and let’s just say… they take a lot of time, energy, and money! LOL

But the good thing is that I am feeling it again. I feel it in my bones and in my soul and it’s calling me and I cannot wait to unleash this creative energy.

This paper quilled blue mandala caught the eye of a Maine blogger. See my interview with her on her Weekends in Maine blog:

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