Quilled Black Vines Monogram | Letter T

This Quilled Black Vines Monogram | Letter T was a second installment of the same monogram, but in Letter J. If I recall correctly, I made this one for my grandmother for Christmas in 2014. It was based on the J but with the addition of some white c-coils to fill up the space a bit more.

I think it’s always important to photograph your work, even if you think the end result is shitty. You never know, some day you’ll be looking over your old artwork and being able to compare something from days past to modern day will be enlightening. In this case, I cannot believe how far I’ve come after looking at this vintage 2014 monogram!

Quilled Black Vines Monogram | Letter T


This Quilled Black Vines Monogram | Letter T is on white cardstock and is 8″ x 10″. It’s made with standard weight 1/4″ quilling strips. The only techniques used for this were teardrops and c-coils. It was really simple but time consuming. If any of you have ever quilled, you’ll know that the smaller the pieces and parts, the more time it takes. And in this case there were a LOT of little teardrops. My hope had been to make a monogram that was easily reproduceable, but that was definitely not the case.

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