Quilled Bunker Hill Church | Jefferson, Maine

This was my first attempt at paper architecture: the quilled Bunker Hill Church. It’s nearby my house and has been a fixture of life as far back as I can remember. It’s an old-fashioned church. I got married in it once. My step-father’s funeral was in it. There is a Strawberry Festival every year that people from all over attend. My grandmother was very active in the Ladies Aid Hall next door.

I am not sure why this was my first architectural subject. I don’t go to church, am not religious, and only seem to end up there when I’m gazing across the scenic overlook opposite it. Maybe it’s because I had some really nice, detailed photographs of it and it made it easy since I didn’t have to find photos of something else!

Anyways, this was the end result. There are a lot of flaws, but being the first of it’s kind, was more of a learning experience than an attempt at perfection.


I took my favorite photo of the church and sized it to 8×10. Then I placed the photo under a clear sheet protector. I used cardstock strips to outline the major features and filled it in with beehive. Unlike my other two architectural piece (made after this one), the quilled Bunker Hill Church is only a single layer deep.

See the other two quilled architectural pieces here: Quilled Cape Cod House and Paper Quilled Ancestral Home.

Quilled Bunker Hill Church
Quilled Bunker Hill Church

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