Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter J

Remember how I said that most of my daisy-themed artwork results from my mother-in-law? Well this Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter J is another one. After I made my Pink Daisy K Monogram, I had a series of orders for them, and that included a request from “Mom” for this one. Other mother-in-law gifts have included my Simple Daisy and Field of Daisies. As you can tell, she really, really loves her daisies. If you’ve ever seen my photography, you’ll also notice that each summer I spend a lot of time photographing daisies – those, too, are for her benefit.

Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter J
Paper Quilled Daisy Monogram


This monogram is 8″ x 10″ and is mounted on watercolor paper. I used standard weight 1/4″ paper for most of this except some 1/8″ green for the leaves. All the techniques used for this piece were fairly basic, with the most “advanced” being the combed leaves.

The black “body” of the “J” is beehive. The daisies are teardrops. The base of the buds are tight coils with a dome shape. And lastly, the leaves are combed. I have a video going over a few combing techniques somewhere and I’ll try to find it.

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