Quilled Monograms Made Easy | Monogram Templates

Last night I filmed Quilled Monograms Made Easy | Monogram Templates. In it I discuss the value of a pre-cut monogram template – especially in the setting of a beginner quiller.

This video demonstrates the process of creating the outline of a monogram from start to finish using a 5″ x 7″ Letter C.


While I was creating this video I was unable to really see what I was doing because of the angle of my workboard and the position of the camera. I realized afterwards that I hadn’t closed the bottom serif on the top of the C. How embarrassing! Anyways, my advice is to always check your work after to make sure that these little issues are caught before you give gifts or sell things. In this case, closing that end is an easy fix, but I wish I’d seen it at the time.

I might create a new video with this done correctly in the future, but for now I will suffer at the mercy of my intensely slow internet connection and leave this on Youtube! LOL

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