Quilled Persian Cat Portrait

During the spring of 2017, I made a black and white cat portrait for a customer and it resulted in a cascade of cat portrait orders. This Quilled Persian Cat Portrait was a memorial piece of a beloved feline that had passed away recently.

My scrollwork cats – in all forms – have been a signature creation for me every since the very first one I made back in 2016. People can’t get enough of them and they are very fun to make. Each cat is unique and people love having art of their pets. I only wish that dogs lent as well to quilling, but for some reason, they don’t.


The first thing I always make are the eyes. They help me scale and arrange the rest of the face. In this case, I got a really good match on the blue from the image I was supplied. Making a scrollwork portrait isn’t exact because the scrolls aren’t like paint or the stroke of a pen. They are bigger and fixed in shape and dimension. So my technique is to block in the major features in the locations where they need to be and fill the rest in with pretty shapes. The cheeks and chin got a crimped fringe treatment to simulate fur.

Quilled Persian Cat Portrait


This cat is no longer available, but I am taking commissions. If you would like to discuss a custom piece, please contact me.

If you would prefer purchasing something already created, please visit my Etsy shop to view my entire current inventory.

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