Quilled Maine Coon Cat Portrait

This Quilled Maine Coon Cat Portrait is the fourth “portrait” I made of cats using my signature scrollwork technique in 2017. Two of them were memorial pieces and two were of living cats. I always love doing the memorials because I know how important pets can be and to have artwork of them is invaluable.

Quilled Maine Coon Cat Portrait


This Quilled Maine Coon Cat Portrait is roughly 8″ x 8″. Because the cat had a brown upper face and a white lower face, I felt like I needed to have a brown background for at least the top part. I actually created this on a workboard with pins and a sheet protector on top of the actual photograph of this cat. When I took the piece away from the board, it looked empty. So… I reverse engineered a brown background. It took several attempts, but eventually I got it to look somewhat normal. If I were to do this again I’d do it much differently. First, I have new, better technology including a Wacom pen tablet. I should have just drawn the cat, created a vector, and cut it out using my Cricut.

I used 1/4″ standard weight quilling paper throughout this piece. To give the scrollwork extra depth, I crimped it all before making scrolls.

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