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Whimsical Quilled Red Maine Lobster

Whimsical Quilled Red Maine Lobster

This was my fourth attempt at creating a whimsical quilled red Maine lobster, and I was determined to infuse it with the experience and detail it deserved. The result was a whimsical masterpiece bursting with shades of red, crimson, burgundy, peach, aqua, and teal. The…

TMNT Quilled Collage: A Slice of Turtle-Powered Artistry

TMNT Quilled Collage: A Slice of Turtle-Powered Artistry

Hey there, art enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share with you a recent quilled masterpiece that’s brimming with teenage nostalgia and mutant excitement—an artwork inspired by none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Join me as I take you through the creative journey of…

Paper Quilled Chopped Leeks

Paper Quilled Chopped Leeks

Amidst the canvas of quilled paper, there’s a unique magic that unfolds with strip of paper. Recently, I embarked on a journey to translate this humble vegetable—the star ingredient of my beloved potato and leek soup—into an intricate piece of paper quilled chopped leeks artwork. This creation, born out of culinary inspiration and artistic passion, holds a special place in my heart as a testament to the beauty that can emerge when the worlds of art and cooking collide.

In the Beginning: A Culinary Discovery

The journey that led me to create this quilled leek artwork began in the kitchen. There, I discovered the subtle charm and unique flavor of leeks, a versatile ingredient that adds depth to dishes with its delicate onion-like taste. It was during this time that my culinary creativity flourished, and I perfected a potato and leek soup that quickly became a favorite in our household.

The Birth of an Idea: From Kitchen to Quilling

As I celebrated the joy of cooking with leeks, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. Why not translate this culinary gem into the realm of quilled artistry? With paper as my medium and quilling as my technique, I set out to capture the essence of the leek—a vegetable that symbolized comfort and warmth, just like the soup it helped create.

Quilled Leeks: A Unique Artistic Endeavor

Crafting the quilled leeks was a labor of love that allowed me to explore the nuances of paper quilling in a new light. Instead of simply replicating the leek’s appearance, I aimed to capture its layers, texture, and the intricate play of light and shadow. The tight coils and closed coils, carefully shaped and layered, mimicked the organic beauty of sliced leeks.

The Story Behind the Slices: A Personal Connection

The slices of quilled leeks weren’t just a visual representation; they carried a story—the story of my journey with cooking and the sentimental attachment to the potato and leek soup. Each tight coil and closed coil represented a layer of flavor, a moment of discovery, and a memory of warmth shared with loved ones around the dining table.


As I reflect on the journey of crafting the quilled leeks, I’m reminded of the power of inspiration and the joy of creative expression. This artwork stands as a bridge between two worlds—culinary delights and artistic endeavors. Through every coil and every slice, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of the leek—the comfort, the flavors, and the memories it holds.

In the quilled leeks, I found a way to blend my passions, to celebrate the everyday ingredients that bring joy to our lives, and to channel that joy into an artistic creation. This artwork is a tribute to the connection between cooking and artistry—a connection that speaks to the heart of creativity and the boundless possibilities that emerge when we let inspiration guide our hands. Just as a well-made soup warms the soul, so too does the sight of quilled leeks remind me of the joy that resides in both the culinary and artistic realms.

The Recipe

  • Six to Eight Large Leeks
  • Six to Eight Large Potatoes
  • One Pint of Heavy Cream
  • 32oz of Vegetable or Chicken Stock

Slice leeks into medallions, roughly 1/8″ in width. Cook them down slowly in a frying pan on medium heat with a lot of extra virgin olive oil. Add more olive oil as needed until they are soft. Add a few tablespoons of butter and continue to cook until they have begun to caramelize. You may have to turn the heat to medium-high to get them to brown up a bit.

While leeks are cooking down, peel potatoes, slice, and boil in large pot. Take them off the heat and drain when you can slip a fork into them easily. Place potatoes into a separate bowl.

Transfer leeks into the pot you just took the potatoes out of. Add cream and chicken stock.

Take half the potatoes and either mash them separately, or add them to the leeks, cream, and stock mixture, and mash them. This should produce a fairly thick chowder-like consistency.

I like mine extremely thick, so sometimes will lightly mash all the potatoes, leaving them chunky. If you like a thinner broth, mash fewer of them.

Turn heat on low and bring to a pleasing temperature.

Add lots of salt, it’ll bring out the flavor, but be sure to add it in increments and stir before tasting. Build to desired level of richness.

Serve in bowls, or, if you feel like gaining five pounds, it’s even better when served in bread bowls.

Quilled Silverware Art

Quilled Silverware Art

Recently, I embarked on a journey that celebrated the harmony between the two—a journey that led me to create a set of quilled silverware art that exuded both realism and elegance. This piece, a testament to the beauty that can emerge from paper, holds a…

A Whimsical Quilled Bacon and Eggs Delight: Happy Breakfast

A Whimsical Quilled Bacon and Eggs Delight: Happy Breakfast

Greetings, fellow art enthusiasts! Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a recent quilled creation that brings a hearty dose of joy to the table—a whimsical Quilled Bacon and Eggs that I call “Happy Breakfast.” A Taste of Creativity The idea for “Happy Breakfast”…

From Kitchen to Canvas: Quilled Broccoli Artistry

From Kitchen to Canvas: Quilled Broccoli Artistry

In the world of paper quilling, creativity knows no bounds. Recently, I embarked on a journey that led me from the kitchen to the canvas—transforming a humble head of broccoli into a work of art through the delicate strokes of quilled paper. This unconventional artwork, born out of a love for healthy eating and a passion for crafting, holds a special place in my heart as a celebration of the everyday and a testament to the beauty that can emerge when creativity meets culinary inspiration.

A Love Affair with Broccoli: Beyond the Plate

Food has always held a special place in my heart, not just as sustenance but as a source of creativity. Broccoli, in particular, had become more than just a vegetable; it was a staple in our household, a symbol of wholesome eating, and a canvas waiting to be transformed. As I gazed at the vibrant green florets of broccoli, I saw not just a nutritious meal but the potential for artistry.

A Culinary Quest: Elevating Everyday Delights

The decision to quill a head of broccoli was born out of a culinary quest—to elevate the everyday into the extraordinary. While quilling often celebrates intricate designs and complex patterns, I sought to find beauty in the simplicity of nature’s bounty. Broccoli, with its intricate structure and vibrant color, became a subject that offered both artistic and culinary inspiration.

A Feast for the Eyes: The Quilled Broccoli Emerges

The process of quilling the head of broccoli was a delicate dance between form and function. Each coil, each curl, and each contour sought to capture the essence of this cruciferous delight. As I layered strip after strip of paper, I watched the broccoli come to life before my eyes—a testament to the power of creativity to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

From Kitchen Tools to Art: The Culinary Series

The quilled broccoli wasn’t an isolated endeavor; it was part of a larger culinary series that celebrated the art of food. In 2017, I was drawn to the idea of translating everyday items from the kitchen into quilled artistry. From a realistic set of quilled silverware to a detailed leek and even bacon and eggs, each creation became a tribute to the everyday objects that often go unnoticed.

Art on the Plate, Art on the Canvas: A Dual Passion

Creating art inspired by food was a journey that allowed me to merge my two passions—cooking and crafting. Just as I would thoughtfully prepare a meal, I approached the quilled broccoli with a similar intentionality. Each strip of paper was a stroke of culinary and artistic love, a dedication to celebrating the beauty of nature’s offerings in more ways than one.

A Culinary Kaleidoscope: Beyond the Broccoli

The quilled broccoli wasn’t just a standalone artwork; it was a window into the possibilities that food-inspired art could offer. While the head of broccoli celebrated the intricate beauty of a single vegetable, the larger culinary series highlighted the diversity of the kitchen. From the elegance of silverware to the playfulness of breakfast fare, each quilled creation captured a different facet of culinary delight.

A Celebration of Everyday Artistry

As I reflect on the journey of quilling a head of broccoli, I’m reminded that art has the power to celebrate the everyday, to elevate the mundane into something extraordinary. This artwork is a reminder that creativity can be found in the most unexpected places—a kitchen ingredient, a dining utensil, a breakfast plate. It’s an invitation to see the world through an artistic lens, to find inspiration in the simplest of objects.


The journey from kitchen to canvas, from a head of broccoli to a quilled masterpiece, has been a testament to the power of creativity to transcend boundaries. This artwork, along with the culinary series that accompanied it, stands as a celebration of the everyday—a reminder that art can be found in the most familiar places. As I continue on my creative path, I carry with me the lesson that artistry is not limited to traditional subjects; it can flourish in the details of daily life, in the intricacies of a head of broccoli, and in the strokes of a quilled coil. Just as food nourishes the body, art nourishes the soul, and the quilled broccoli remains a vibrant reminder of the beauty that can emerge when creativity meets culinary passion.