My background

Since 2015, I have been exploring the world of photography as a hobbyist. It all began with capturing the beauty of birds, but my passion soon expanded to include macro photography in 2018. I find immense fascination in capturing the intricate details of insects, the vibrant colors of flowers, and the delightful expressions of my beloved dog, Tyson. For me, photography goes beyond simply documenting scenes; it allows me to capture feelings and freeze moments in time. The joy I feel when sharing the wonder and beauty of the world through my photographs with others is truly fulfilling.

A Love Affair with Macro Photography

In the vast realm of photography, there is a captivating niche that allows us to explore a hidden world, one that often goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. This is the enchanting world of macro photography. 

Macro photography opens up a whole new world that most of us don’t realize exists. Through the lens, I am transported into a realm of intricate details, unveiling the extraordinary beauty that lies within the tiniest of subjects.

Some creatures exist only in this realm. They are so minuscule that without the aid of a macro lens, they would remain hidden and undiscovered to the majority of us. These tiny marvels of nature come to life through my photographs, allowing us to appreciate their delicate features, vibrant colors, and fascinating behaviors.

Macro photography is not just about capturing stunning images; it’s a journey of learning and discovery. As I delve into this world, I encounter intricate details that unveil the beauty of geometry and mechanics. The symmetry of a delicate flower petal or the complex patterns on an insect’s wing teach me to appreciate the precision and design that exists in nature’s masterpieces.

One of the most rewarding aspects of macro photography is the ability to produce photographs that instill awe in people. Many have never witnessed the intricate details of a flower’s pistil or the delicate patterns on a butterfly’s wing up close. Through my photographs, I have the privilege of offering people a fresh perspective, revealing a world they may have never seen before. 

Macro photography is a journey of discovery, revealing a world that exists right beneath our noses. It allows us to appreciate the hidden marvels of nature, encourages us to learn and explore, and instills awe in those who gaze upon its captivating images. 

Through macro photography, I have found my passion and a means to share the exquisite beauty that surrounds us. So next time you pause to admire a tiny flower or a tiny insect, take a moment to consider the enchanting world that lies within and the wonders that await through the lens of a macro photographer.

Why Dogs Are My Passion

In 2017, I experienced a loss that shattered my world. My heart dog, Duke, left this world unexpectedly, leaving me devastated beyond words. The depths of sadness I felt during that time were indescribable. It was a pain that consumed me, one that forever changed me.

Months later, as I began to find strength amidst the grief, I embarked on a quest to find a “good” photo of Duke – a photo worthy of being printed and treasured. But to my dismay, I discovered that I didn’t have any. I had countless cell phone snapshots, most blurry, some unflattering, and many with obstacles obstructing the view. It was a heart-wrenching realization.

As a budding photographer, this realization struck me with profound clarity. I knew that I had to channel my talent in a way that would make a difference in the lives of others. I made a heartfelt decision: dogs would become my primary focus. They would be the subjects I would pour my passion into, capturing their beauty, their essence, and the love they bring into our lives.

You see, dogs have a unique timeline. Time slips through the hourglass faster for them than for us. What seems like a day for us is a week in their world. We blink, and the playful puppy we once held in our arms is now graced with an elder’s mask and the weight of arthritis. Their lives are fleeting, and the moments we have with them are precious.

I wanted to ensure that no pet parent would experience the same heartache I felt so I made it my mission to provide people with beautiful, lasting portraits of their dogs. Portraits that would evoke emotion, preserve memories, and become cherished heirlooms.

Every photograph I capture is infused with love and tenderness. Each frame holds the essence of the dog, the unique spirit that makes them so extraordinary. I want my clients to have something to gaze fondly upon, a photo to blow kisses to, and an image that allows them to walk by and touch, remembering what a good dog their companion was.

Dogs are not just my subjects; they are the embodiment of unconditional love, loyalty, and joy. Through my lens, I hope to capture the beauty and magic they bring into our lives, creating portraits that will stand the test of time.