A Quilled Portrait of Winston the Poodle

September 15, 2022

A Quilled Portrait of Winston the Poodle

As a quilled paper artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and charm of our furry companions. My latest paper art piece depicts a quilled portrait of Winston the poodle. Isn’t he adorable? Winston’s portrait presented a delightful challenge as I aimed to capture the essence of his fluffy and curly fur through the art of quilling. It was an exciting and rewarding journey as I explored new techniques and pushed the boundaries of my craft to bring this beloved pup to life.

Winston: A Fluffy Inspiration

Mini Poodles are known for their charming and playful personalities, and I was eager to capture Winston’s unique essence through my art. His curly and fluffy fur was both a joy and a challenge, as I wanted to do justice to his endearing appearance.

To depict Winston’s realistically fluffy and curly fur, I had to innovate and experiment with new quilling techniques. I wanted the artwork to evoke the tactile sensation of running one’s fingers through his soft curls, which demanded meticulous attention to detail and texture. I used a combination of tight coils and fringed quilling to replicate the fluffy and curly appearance of his coat, and the end result was truly remarkable.

The Joy of Capturing Personality

As I worked on Winston’s portrait, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of bringing his joyful personality to life through quilled paper. Each stroke of the quilling strip was infused with the love and admiration I felt for this charming little pup. It was a labor of love, and the effort was truly worth it to capture the essence of Winston in every curl and fluff. Creating his eye out out of domed tight coil and then glazing it brought a realistic twinkle to his eye.

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Work-in-Progress Images

Final Photos