Clean Daisies on Red

January 28, 2024

Clean Daisies on Red

First I made a large Dirty Daisy piece on a blue background, then a small Dirty Daisy on a pink background, so it was only logical that someone would ask for daisies without a “romantic” theme, hence the creation of this Clean Daisies on Red piece.

I used the same techniques as the first two projects: die cut daisies, quilled center closed coils, patterned cardstock backgrounds. But on this piece, instead of cutting daisy petals out of the steamiest pages of the Outlander novels, I made them with pure white paper. The person commissioning the piece wanted a red background, but the weird thing is that I discovered I have virtually no true red patterned cardstock on hand. So, I picked out the darkest and reddest pinks I had instead. She loved the entire piece and gifted it to her daughter.

My next daisy piece will be made from the pages of the 50 Shades of Grey novel. I haven’t read it myself, but I hear it’s pretty dirty. So I guess it’ll make some good Dirty Daisies.

The pink Dirty Daisy is still available on my Etsy shop. Or, if you’d like to own your own Dirty (or Clean) Daisy, but in a different size or a different color or even a different book, contact me.