Crafting the Illinois State Redbird Logo

May 23, 2021

Crafting the Illinois State Redbird Logo

Creating quilled art is my passion, and over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to bring various logos to life through intricate paper coils. Interestingly, a common theme emerged – birds. From the Baltimore Oriole’s mascot to a flaming Phoenix logo, and now, the Illinois State Redbird logo, each project has been a unique journey in its own right.

Recently, I had the privilege of working on the Illinois State Redbird logo, a familiar emblem that represents both the university and the state. This logo holds a special place in the hearts of students, alumni, and sports enthusiasts alike, and I was eager to capture its essence using the quilling technique.

The process began with meticulous planning. The Redbird logo, with its sharp lines and distinctive form, required careful consideration to translate into quilled art. I started by breaking down the logo into its key components – the beak, the eye, and the elegant curves of the bird’s body.

Using a palette of red, black, yellow, and white paper strips, I began to coil, shape, and arrange the pieces to form the iconic Redbird logo. The challenge lay in capturing the logo’s details while retaining the simplicity that quilled scrollwork demands. The satisfaction of seeing the logo take shape through careful layering and placement of scrolls and coils was unparalleled.

The Redbird logo, like the other bird-themed projects I’ve worked on, added to my collection of avian artistry. Each project presented unique challenges and rewards. From the fiery energy of the Phoenix to the vibrant hues of the Baltimore Oriole, and now the fierce determination of the Redbird, each logo has been a reminder of the power of quilling to capture the essence of an emblem.

In the world of quilling, every project tells a story. For me, the story behind the Illinois State Redbird logo is one of precision, dedication, and the joy of bringing a familiar emblem to life in a new and artistic way. As I admire the finished piece, I’m reminded of the various bird-themed logos I’ve crafted over the years, each adding its own feather to the cap of my quilled portfolio.