Dirty Daisies: Outlander Fan Art

January 20, 2024

Dirty Daisies: Outlander Fan Art

My mother-in-law loves daisies and we both love Outlander. Her birthday is on January 1st, so it’s always a challenge to time gifts for Christmas and her birthday. I always make her a daisy in some form. I have made her a daisy field, single daisies, daisy photos, etc. This year I wanted to make it extra special and combine two of her favorite things: Outlander and Daisies. And that is the story behind how Dirty Daisies: Outlander Fan Art was created.

I had wanted to use book pages to make some art for a long time. My husband and I were joking around one night about Outlander and his mother and somehow the idea of making daisies from the pages that had the sex scenes of Outlander got stuck in my head. So I ordered in the books (I had lent out my entire set to an ex-friend and they were never returned. Yes I’m talking about you Christen!) and some daisy dies and made the dream a reality.

The resulting artwork was nothing short of stunning, and my mother-in-law agreed. I’ll never forget the call she made to us, and the moment she realized the daisies were made from the Outlander pages – she was so excited she cried. And, I’m a sympathetic crier, so I cried too. It was a fantastic surprise and a cherished memory.

The piece is 8″ x 8″ and is framed in a driftwood gray frame. The daisies are layered on top of each other. The background is made from three different pieces of patterned cardstock.

Own Your Own “Dirty Daisies” (or clean!)

You can order your own dirty daisies by contacting me. I can currently do Outlander and 50 Shades of Gray – but could potentially do any book you want, clean or dirty. I have one small Dirty Daisies piece available on my Etsy shop here.