Love by the Numbers: A Wedding Quilling Adventure

July 31, 2023

Love by the Numbers: A Wedding Quilling Adventure

As an artist, I often find myself drawn to projects that challenge my creativity and test my skills. Recently, I embarked on a unique quilling endeavor that not only pushed my artistic boundaries but also allowed me to play a part in a beautiful wedding celebration. Creating a series of 28 quilled numbers for a wedding was an exciting whirlwind of creativity and dedication that I will always treasure.

A Whirlwind of Creativity

Picture this: a Friday night, a bride with a vision, and the enthusiasm to make it happen. I receive a call from an unknown number, just as I was pulling into my driveway after a long work week. I almost let the call go to voicemail because I was focused on getting supper cooking, but at the last minute decided I might as well answer. Imagine my surprise when it was a woman with what seemed like an impossible request: to create 28 quilled numbers for a wedding – with a deadline of just a few days. The excitement and the challenge of the task had me agreeing to the project without hesitation. Little did I know, it would be a weekend of intense focus, coffee-fueled crafting, and a dash of sleep deprivation.

Simple and Small Designs

To meet the tight deadline, I opted for simplicity in design and size. By keeping the quilled numbers small and the designs straightforward, I was able to work efficiently and produce each piece with meticulous attention to detail. I made my first test designs on Friday, a second set on Saturday morning, and as soon as I was finished with my coffee, I was off on a whirlwind of paper typography! I had them done by Monday morning and I did a quick photo shoot on them that afternoon.

A Mini Art Show at the Wedding

The culmination of my efforts was a stunning collection of quilled numbers, each carefully crafted to reflect the significance of the wedding day. These numerals were displayed as table place cards in tiny wooden easels at the wedding reception, held in an art gallery. The unique setting turned my quilled numbers into a mini art show of their own, adding a personalized touch to the overall wedding décor.

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Crafting the series of 28 quilled numbers for the wedding was a whirlwind of creativity, dedication, and joy. The project not only tested my abilities as an artist but also reminded me of the beauty that can be found in simplicity. Seeing my quilled numbers elegantly displayed at the wedding, transformed into a mini art show, was a heartwarming moment that reaffirmed the power of art to elevate special occasions. This endeavor has fueled my enthusiasm for upcoming workshops and further inspired me to continue creating art that holds meaning and significance for both me and those who appreciate it.

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