My Feature in Lincoln County News

February 21, 2023

My Feature in Lincoln County News

I feel like a kid in a candy store announcing my feature in the Lincoln County News. The article, beautifully written by the talented author Elizabeth Waltzoni, offered a nearly full page spread dedicated to my artistic journey and creations. I cannot express how grateful and humbled I am to have been recognized in this way. This feature marks the first time my work has been mentioned locally, and I am excited about the potential opportunities it may bring to further my artistic endeavors within our community. In this blog post, I will share my experience of being featured in Lincoln County News, the impact of Elizabeth Waltzoni’s thoughtful writing, and my hopes for new local opportunities on this artistic journey.

Gratitude for Recognition

Having my work featured in Lincoln County News was a moment of immense joy and gratitude. As an artist, I pour my heart into each quilled paper artwork, and being recognized in our local community feels like a validation of my artistic passion. The support and encouragement I have received from friends and fellow community members have been overwhelming, and it has motivated me to continue exploring new artistic horizons.

A Treat to Read: Elizabeth Waltzoni’s Article

The feature written by Elizabeth Waltzoni was a delight to read. Her talent for weaving words together brought life to my artistic journey and creations. The article beautifully captured the essence of quilled paper art, sharing the intricate process behind each artwork and the emotions that drive my passion for this medium. I am incredibly grateful to Elizabeth for taking the time to understand and share my artistic story in such a compelling manner.

Local Recognition: A Step Forward

This feature marked a significant milestone in my artistic journey, as it was the first time my work received recognition locally. It not only shed light on the art of quilled paper but also introduced my creations to a wider audience within our community. I hope that this exposure will pave the way for new local opportunities, collaborations, and connections with art enthusiasts and potential clients.

Spreading the Love for Quilled Paper Art

One of my greatest joys as an artist is sharing my passion for quilled paper art with others. Through this feature, I had the opportunity to introduce this beautiful art form to readers who may not have been familiar with it before. The positive response I received has been heartwarming, and I am excited to see the growing interest in quilling within our community.

Hope for New Local Opportunities

As an artist, I am always looking for new ways to connect with art lovers and share my creations. I am hopeful that this feature will open doors for collaborations with local businesses, art events, and exhibitions. Building a strong presence within our community is important to me, as it allows me to share my love for quilled paper art and connect with fellow artists and enthusiasts.

Read the article here.