Team Spirit : The Quilled Baltimore Oriole’s Mascot

January 19, 2022

Team Spirit : The Quilled Baltimore Oriole’s Mascot

As an artist, one of the joys of my craft is bringing characters and mascots to life through the intricate art of quilling. Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to create a quilled Baltimore Oriole’s Mascot. Mascots hold a special place in the hearts of fans, and translating their vibrant personalities into quilled form is a challenge I’m always eager to accept.

Mascots: A Perfect Fit for Quilling

Mascots are more than just symbols; they’re embodiments of team spirit, camaraderie, and shared passion. As an artist specializing in quilled paper art, creating mascot portraits is a delightful venture that allows me to combine my love for intricate design with my appreciation for sports and fandom. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on various mascot commissions, each presenting a unique opportunity to breathe life into beloved characters through carefully crafted paper shapes.

A Coloring Book in 3D

One of the remarkable aspects of creating quilled mascot portraits is the feeling of bringing a pre-designed character to life in three dimensions. Much like a coloring book waiting to be filled in, mascots provide a detailed framework ready to be transformed into a stunning quilled masterpiece. The process of selecting and arranging the quilled shapes is akin to coloring within the lines, but with the added dimension of depth and texture. For the quilled Baltimore Oriole’s Logo I chose to use very simple fill-type so as to not make the piece look too busy. I used cross-hatched edge strips in the brim of the hate and scrollwork in the black part. The rest of the piece I left open to the colored background for a clean look and feel.

Other mascots I’ve created over the years include an Illinois Redbird, a Phoenix for a gym logo, and the Targaryen Sigil.

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Work-in-Progress Images

Final Image