Ellie the Quilled Wheaten Terrier

October 27, 2022

Ellie the Quilled Wheaten Terrier

Ellie the Quilled Wheaten Terrier was the last dog portrait I made in 2022. It was a whirlwind of sweet puppers from spring until late fall, and I desperately needed a break. Creating pet portraits is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it also demands immense dedication and time. While I may not have plans for immediate pet portraits, my mind is brimming with ideas, and I hope to explore them in test projects over the next year.

Ellie: A Lifelike Masterpiece

Creating Ellie’s quilled paper portrait was an immersive and intricate process. Each stroke of the quilling strip brought her adorable personality to life, capturing her twinkling eyes and the nuances of her variegated fur. Her tongue, in particular, was a challenge, and I found the perfect mulberry paper to create the perfect touch of realism. I take great pride in creating art that truly reflects the spirit and essence of the subject, and Ellie’s portrait was no exception.

The Time and Dedication

Pet portraits hold a special place in the hearts of pet owners, and I always strive to do justice to their beloved furry friends. However, the reality is that these portraits demand weeks of dedicated work, often extending into long hours during nights and weekends. While it is a rewarding process, it can be exhausting for an over-the-hill artist like myself, seeking a balance between passion and much-needed downtime.

Satisfying the Need for Pet Portraits

As much as I adore creating pet portraits, I recognize the importance of finding a balance in my creative journey. Exploring ways to fulfill the demand for pet portraits while maintaining my well-being has become a priority. I have numerous ideas in mind, and I am excited to embark on test projects over the next year to discover innovative approaches that align with my artistic vision and lifestyle.

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