Quilled Portrait for a Cause

November 17, 2022

Quilled Portrait for a Cause

Recently, I had the privilege of working on a unique and deeply meaningful project for Calcium USA, a company with a pro-bono campaign idea aimed at promoting fentanyl test strips to prevent overdose deaths. The centerpiece of the campaign was a monochromatic portrait of a man who tragically lost his life to a fentanyl overdose. What made this project truly exceptional was that most of the quilling strips used were fentanyl test strips, creating a poignant and powerful connection between art and the fight against the opioid crisis. In this blog post, I will share the story of creating this special quilled paper portrait for a cause.

A Portrait with a Purpose

Creating the quilled paper portrait of the man who lost his life to a fentanyl overdose was a deeply moving experience. The shades of blue, carefully crafted from the fentanyl test strips, added an emotional weight to the artwork. It was a visual representation of the tragic consequences of the opioid crisis and a reminder of the lives lost to this devastating epidemic.

Challenging Creativity

Working with an atypical medium like fentanyl test strips pushed the boundaries of my creativity as an artist. I had to experiment with different techniques and approaches to ensure that the portrait captured the essence and emotion of the subject. Quilling human features was also a new and demanding challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the subject’s personality.

Creating Beauty for the Family

While the campaign may not have come to fruition, the opportunity to create this quilled paper portrait held great meaning for the man’s family. I felt a profound responsibility to honor his memory and to offer some solace to his loved ones through art. The portrait became a tribute to his life and a reminder of the impact of the opioid crisis on families across the nation.

Art with a Lifesaving Potential

The thought that this quilled portrait could potentially save lives through the pro-bono campaign was both humbling and powerful. Art has the ability to spark conversations and raise awareness about critical issues. I felt privileged to be part of a project that aimed to make a positive change and promote the use of fentanyl test strips to prevent overdoses.

As an artist, I am reminded of the power of art to tell stories, evoke emotions, and create awareness around critical issues. This project fueled my passion for creating art that makes a difference, and I will continue to use my creativity to bring attention to meaningful causes through my quilled paper art.

Work-in-Progress Photos

Final Photos