Rising From the Ashes: Phoenix Part Three

December 15, 2022

Rising From the Ashes: Phoenix Part Three

As a quilled paper artist, my journey into this captivating art form has been filled with challenges and triumphs. Among my creations, the phoenix holds a special place in my heart. It is a symbol of transformation and rebirth, which resonates deeply with me. Today, I finished Rising From the Ashes: Phoenix Part Three, which is my third version of the quilled phoenix, a piece that has not only become one of my most popular designs but also faced the unfortunate challenge of being stolen.

A Fiery Beginning

The creation of my first phoenix came only a few short months after I began my quilling journey. Despite being a novice, I was inspired by the challenge of crafting the intricate flames and rainbow loops that characterize this mythical bird. Quilling books served as my teachers, guiding me through the process and igniting my passion for this art form. One in particular was Paper Quilling: Chinese Style (affiliate link). The process of bringing the phoenix to life was a transformative experience, symbolizing not only the beauty of quilling but also my own growth as an artist. It was the very first piece that I felt a true sense of accomplishment upon completion, and has defined my artistry as a whole.

A Phoenix Rises

With each version of the phoenix, my skills and confidence grew. The second version allowed me to experiment with colors and techniques, using a wider range of colors. It was heartwarming to witness the positive response from fellow quillers and art enthusiasts alike, encouraging me to pursue this phoenix design further.

The Stolen Phoenix

Unfortunately, with the popularity of my phoenix design came the realization that my artwork has been stolen over and over again. As an artist, this has been a challenging experience to navigate. However, I chose to focus on the joy that the phoenix brought to my audience and the transformative power it symbolized. These incidents also highlight the importance of protecting one’s artistic creations and copyrights.

Inspiration and Growth

The creation of my third phoenix allowed me to revisit this captivating design with a fresh perspective. I feel like I was able to hone my techniques more thoroughly, something that might propel me into the creation of an official tutorial in the future. An interesting twist on this design is that my customer requested the phoenix be mounted on a piece of silver matboard. This made gluing the phoenix down very challenging, but in the end, the result was just as beautiful as the first two I made.